Building on a statewide pedestrian safety campaign, the Nevada Center for Advanced Mobility (NCAM) teamed up with the GENIVI Alliance, an industry alliance focused on open in-vehicle infotainment software for the connected car, on a vehicle-to-city communication pilot project aimed at addressing the city’s top priorities to improve pedestrian safety and traffic flow in Las Vegas.

The pilot demonstrates how vehicle communications technology and vehicle data can integrate with the existing transportation infrastructure and will deliver information to drivers regarding road conditions and other road users including pedestrians.

The key technology partner is the GENIVI Alliance, who will deploy its open Remote Vehicle Interaction (RVI) technology to capture information from equipped vehicles and manage vehicle-to-server, round-trip communication of the data and actionable messaging. 


Key Pilot Goals

o    Increase awareness of pedestrians and bus stop safety along with improving traffic flow

o    Understand in-vehicle messaging of roadway conditions and impact on driver behavior

o    Define a method to collect and utilize data for future infrastructure planning   

o    Field deploy an open software standard for vehicle-to-city communication 

o    Develop an vehicle-to-city communication approach that multiple cities can use