City/Region Data

City region data

Each agency within Las Vegas maintains detailed GIS databases of their field assets.  The databases include assets such as streetlights, traffic signals, roadway signage, roadway markings, bus stop locations,  and many more. This information helps agencies to better manage and maintain their assets as well as make planning decisions.  Many of these databases are made available to university and private partners for planning efforts and development of applications.  In partnership with GENIVI, the GIS asset databases are now being utilized by the GENIVI Remote Vehicle Interaction (RVI) software in order to pull location data from the car and send roadway feature information real-time to drivers.  For example, the roadway signage GIS layer includes information on the location and type of signs installed throughout the city.  The signs that designate crosswalks are extracted from the database to identify the location of crosswalks on city roadways.  The data exchange between the GIS data server and GENIVI on-board unit within the vehicle using the RVI software alerts the driver to be cautious as they are approaching an upcoming crosswalk and potential for people crossing the street based on the location of the car in proximity to the location of the crosswalk.